I’m Julia Harman, Founder and Owner.   I formed Beauli in 2023 as an executive in Corporate America that realized that over a career that spanned decades, I had been gradually building a beautiful life, a beautiful family, and beautiful relationships.   Yet, I was too busy and too chronically stressed to truly enjoy it.  Simply put…the more I achieved…the more under water I felt. It seemed as if I was sleepwalking through my life in daily survival mode, and I had a hard time being truly present to the here and now, and the relationships that mattered most to me.   Even worse, my time was consumed by everybody else’s priorities for me, versus my own.  I was tired.

Beauli was inspired by my insistence that there must a different way, and upon my own journey of challenges, self-discovery, awareness, and change that led to much more fulfillment in my life.   I’ve since applied my passion for learning and development to the service of others, and seek to inspire others to courageously create – and most importantly, enjoy – beautiful lives. 

I’m particularly passionate about supporting women and entrepreneurs, and helping others find purpose and joy in their professional, personal and spiritual lives.   I believe strongly in the power of executive coaching, as my own coach was the most influential person in my life that supported my own journey of development and transformation.

Beauli’s services are multi-faceted, serving both individuals and companies with coaching, consulting, and development.  Beauli also provides inspirational content delivered through social media, speaking engagements, and curated gatherings.  

For more information, please contact harmanleadership@gmail.com.


With love,